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Ghost Hobo - Untitled 2 CDR

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Two matching releases in nicely painted fold over sleeves from Ghost Hobo, an Australian duo featuring Shota Matsumura and Andrew Fedorowich. Extremely stripped down acoustic guitar stuff with a heavy use of silence. There’s a subtle use of vocals, but often so brief, mumbled and infrequent that you hardly realize it’s a voice. There’s also some use of field recordings. Everything is performed with a very slow, mellow pace, the guitar strumming drawn out to the point that it’s hard to figure out if they are actually following any kind of pattern or if it’s just all improvised. The always reliable Albert’s Basement sold these with the description “Like a sound you might stumble upon walking by the river, coming out from in the bushes, afternoon sun streaming down on the water, you stop for a moment and listen. A moment can be an hour.” which is pretty damn apt. Truly excellent stuff and one of my favorite discoveries of 2017. (Fördämning #14 review)

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