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Idea Fire Company - The Island Of Taste LP

15.00 / Sold Out

"IFCO follows up our conspicuously ignored Stranded LP with an equally, if not more so, strong statement. Core members Karla Borecky and Scott Foust are joined by an all star cast: Meara O’Reilly and Jessi Leigh Swenson from Stranded, as well as Frans de Waard, Graham Lambkin, and Dr. Timothy Shortell. The Island Of Taste depicts a manoeuvre in which the beauty becomes more beautiful as the desperation becomes more desperate. A stark and romantic mission to the rocks. Lavish package featuring an excellent Karla cover painting as well as a booklet presented as a set of 5 x 7 art cards with another Karla painting, band photos, and an essay of mine. Perhaps The Island Of Taste is the first LP to make explicit a certain nostalgia for itself. Along with The Shadow Ring’s Swill Radio trilogy (Lighthouse, Lindus, I’m Some Songs), I’d put IFCO’s trilogy (Anti-Natural, Stranded, The Island Of Taste) up against anyone’s three LP run. We’ll see… "