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Crazy Doberman - Rust Clatter For The Midwest Sun 7"


Two new sides from Crazy Doberman, both culled from recordings made during spring 2018. The psychedelic ambience on the A-side at times brings to mind Swedish communal collective rock ala TGS and such, that same headspace, though passing on in slow motion. Flip the seven inch and that line “if the Glenn Miller orchestra recorded a tape for Industrial Records and microwaved the masters” still rings somewhat true. The ever-changing lineup this time around consists of Jason Filer, John Olson, Jordan Allen, Paul Baldwin, Tim Gick, John Dawson, Mark Tester, Drew Davis, Zeno Ben-Amotz and Landon Caldwell.

200 copies pressed as usual, stamped white labels and postcard + double sided full colour insert with artwork by John Olson. 45rpm. IDDB025.