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Skiftande Enheter 7"

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Stunning 4-song debut EP from Gothenburgs Skiftande Enheter out now on Levande Begravd Records. Think The Desperate Bicycles, Perverts, Butter Utter, Vagra Raggarna Benzin & Messthetics comps. Isolation. Beauty. Frustration. Apathy. Passion. Money in the pocket.

"Thightrope walkers, these skifs! On one end, you've got ace ramshackle DIY punk, convincingly '79 enough to warrant double take. On the other, you've got grounded street rhythms that keep the bottle-grip quite tight. The lot sound studious, like they've obsessed and crafted their fop-mod punk sound, vaguely Easy'N'Cheap style, yet they're too tough to go full prance. Really admirable and subtle punkin' here, best swedish import I've heard since the mighty BÄDDAT FÖR TRUBBEL. Gimmie more of this glory ASAP." - Mitch Cardwell, Maximum Rocknroll