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Vanessa Rossetto - Rocinante CDR


Conceived, plotted and recorded over five years ago, Rocinante felt to me at the time like a hopeful new direction. Leaked then to a few acquaintances, they seemed confused. Where were the field recordings? I took their non-reactions to heart and parts of Rocinante were doled out bit by bit in altered forms in other pieces more conventional to what people had come to expect from me, but my love for the piece as it was first planned only grew over time. With the help of Hologram, I am presenting it now in physical form as it was originally intended - a rough gallop, a last minute reprieve from the glue factory.

- Vanessa Rossetto


also known as "long piece"

viola, cello and objects

design by Matthew Revert

"And so, after having composed, struck out, rejected, added to, unmade, and remade a multitude of names out of his memory and fancy, he decided upon calling him Rocinante, a name, to his thinking, lofty, sonorous, and significant of his condition as a hack before he became what he now was, the first and foremost of all the hacks in the world." Cervantes, Don Quixote